The staff at Phillips Chevrolet in Frankfort, IL is always very friendly and helpful! My 2015 Chevy Colorado was brought in for the spray-in bed liner and for rust proofing and sound proofing. The job was actually done a day earlier than anticipated! It looks great!
- Thomas D.

After a long time of having problems with one issue on my truck, they solved the problem! I want to thank all of the personals who worked on my car! Keep up the good work! You guys are very friendly and I can't thank you guys enough!
- Pasquale L.

I am very satisfied with the service I have recieved at Phillips Chevrolet. They listen to my concerns and work hard to solve the problem.
 - Walter M.

Phillips Chevy is the best! Dan Kachinsky, service director, is the most knowledegable professional and courteous service manager I have ever dealt with. Scott Perak, service consultant, is the only consultant I will deal with. Scott always makes you feel at home and that you are in good hands. These two gentlemen are five star in my book and Phillips should be fortunate to have them on their team.
- Richard A.

All the people that were involved in my service problem performed with the utmost care and help that could be provided. My brother was in the hospital dying of cancer when my car started spewing oil. With one call, the car was picked up, repaired, and returned to my house. Thank you all.
- Vincent A.

The service department is very good and I was treated great. Thank you for all your help.
- Jenny C.

When people stop and admire my car they also ask me about the dealership, how satisfied I was with sales and service. I tell them they are the best dealership I ever dealt with.
- Linda R.

Joe Armstrong of Phillips Chevy was my service consultant. He always makes sure my car is fixed right, and he is one of the reasons why I choose this dealership to get my car serviced. He is great at what he does.
- Ronald L.

Scott Perak and Dan Kachinsky were very helpful in solving the problem.
- Robert P.

I think they are one of the best dealerships around and always willing to go the extra mile.
- Mark A.

The service department and sales personnel are fine people, very nice to do business with.
- Swaze J.

Service person was very helpful, very dedicated to excellence.
- Sergio G.

Scott took my car in on an emergency basis and really helped me!
- Charlene G.

Our service consultant was very good! John was really concerned and made us feel good about our car's problem.
- Diana R.

Joe Armstrong and his service team consistently provide great, thorough service, are attentive, polite, and a pleasure to meet with. I would go to no other dealership for service on my vehicles. Phillips Chevrolet is number 1 in my book!
- Roger R.

Everyone I worked with was helpful and kept me well informed. Great service!
- Mary L.

I appreciate the quality of service that I was given at Phillips Chevy. The service manager followed up with me to see if all of my concerns were met. I never had another dealership do that before.
- Edward M.

Great customer service! Will be recommending Phillips!
- James P.

The service consultant was Tony Cesario. It was a pleasure to deal with him and I would recommend his knowledge and courtesy to anyone needing service.
- Laverne S.

People working there are very warm and attentive.
- Goran K.

Christine and Tony were a pleasure to work with. Very satisfied customer. Would highly recommend your dealership.
- Adam W.

Phillips Chevrolet has my complete confidence when they are servicing my vehicle. The staff is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I couldn't ask for anything more.
- Dorene E.

I'm very happy with the great service, thanks!
- Martha M.

Phillips Chevrolet always takes excellent care of my car and my concerns. I'm so glad I bought my car there!
- Jeannene P.

I love your service advisor, Joe. He always gives me the right advice on my car. He's an asset to Phillips Chevrolet.
- Gwendolyn J.

Best dealership to work with!
- Nick S.

What great service! This place is seriously the kindest, most reliable dealership in the country! They should be proud of the people and the service they provide everyone! One of a kind! Thank you!
- Robert M.

Phillips Chevrolet does a great job with their customers. It's always a good experience there. You feel safe with bringing your vehicle to them, purchasing future vehicles, and recommending them to friends and family. John Smidt always does a fantastic job of caring for us and our vehicle. He is thorough, honest, and an overall good guy. We are very very satisfied with our decision to purchase and service our vehicle at Phillips..
- Janet B.

I was very concerned about my car because several of my warning lights came on at once. I really appreciated the service department because they allowed me to bring my car in and leave it with them overnight. I was nervous and anxious because I was anticipating a large bill for repair. When I received the call about my car, I was pleasantly surprised when Tim told me the car was all set for pick up and that everything was fixed and covered by the warranty. They even took care of a recall repair. I have bought several cars at Phillips and continue to get my cars serviced there. I will always recommend Phillips to my family and friends.
- Melissa K.

The Service Dept. is exceptional at fixing the problem, offering alternate transportation and could not be more accommodating.
- Ronald F.

Advisor Tim Christ is great to work with. And mechanic Tim Dumblauskas is persistent with a problem. Great job!
- Larry T.

Phillips is an excellent dealership. We bought two vehicles there, and recommended to our son who also bought two vehicles. We will purchase our next vehicle there also. Jaime Birks was our salesperson and was wonderful. Our service person is Scott and he is great, and the manager, Dan, is also! Thank you.
- Robert S.

Please inform all the service writers they are doing a great job.
- Roger M.

Tim Christ was a pleasure to work with.
- Barbara G.

Excellent service. Filled tires (the light was on) even though this was not the reason for the service visit. Appreciate the attention to detail.
- Michael C.

While my car was being coated against soil and food spills on the seats, they had a driver take me to the mall and back again.
- Robert S.

Great dealership. Very friendly and thorough service people. A++.
- Jeffrey P.

Dan Kachinsky is the best I've ever come across at any dealership in my life!
- James K.

Service consultant Scott Perak always does everything possible to make sure you are completely satisfied with all work that was performed on your vehicle. He also makes sure that everything is done expeditiously, and in a professional manner. He is a definite asset to this dealership.
- Lawrence B.

Very good people to do business with.
- Terri S.

Scott Perak went above and beyond to help me - he even reset my clock because I couldn't figure it out.
- Phyllis N.

I have a Chevy dealer five minutes from my house, but drive 40 minutes to this dealership based on knowledge and professionalism.
- Kevin H.

I walked into the dealership very upset about my car breaking down with less than year of me purchasing it brand new. However, because of Scott in the service department, I left satisfied. And with my job, it was hard to keep up on the progress with my car but I always knew what was going on because Scott did a great job keeping in contact with me via voicemail when I couldn't answer. I've spent many years in customer service and Scott knows what he's doing. I'd recommend anyone with an issue to him.
- Stephanie H.

This dealership is the best. Sales AND service. I traveled all the way from Lemont to buy this car from Naperville to have it service. They really care. I am way beyond completely satisfied.
- Richard R.

Scott is a great service advisor.
- Chester L.

Absolutely the finest dealership I have ever dealt with regarding buying and servicing of an auto. This store should be the model for others on how to actually handle customer service in a professional way. Thanks Phillips, great people!
- Frank S.

The professionalism of this dealership surpasses any dealerships I have gone to before. The knowledge of diagnosing problems was very quick. Everyone says that customer service has gone out the window, but Phillips has the best customer service of any business that I have dealt with. Dan Kachinsky made my car drop off a breeze. He handled everything from getting the car and delivering it back to me. He kept me informed of what was going on. Dan has been the best service manager I have dealt with in all my years of owning cars and getting them serviced. I am not an easy person to please, so hats off to Dan and your entire crew at Phillips Chevrolet. If this is how you do business, I see no reason going to any other dealer except Phillips. Phillips keep up the excellent service.
- Mark G.

They do a great job of taking care of your needs, of your vehicle.
- Kenneth E.

Extremely satisfied with the service personnel I dealt with. Very helpful and informative.
- Frank G.

I have been very happy with Phillips Chevrolet's employees and their service.
- Angela L.

It was set up that I would bring the car in and it would be repaired while I wait which is exactly what happened. I was told it could take about three hours, but the repair was completed in about two hours. Very happy with all services I received at Phillips Chevrolet.
Jeffrey R.

Great people such as John Schmit, Dan (service manager), and many others at Phillips Chevrolet. Thanks again for your assistance.
- Regino H.

Both Scott and Chris did a great job with me and my family. Love working with them and all the staff at Phillips. Always recommend Phillips to my friends. Great job!
- Susan D.

Clean, prompt, professional service. Keep up the good service.
- Frank C.

These people bend over backwards for me when I come in and ask to get things fixed!
- Ronald M.

We love doing business with Phillips Chevrolet. Great dealership and people.
- Janice A.

This is my third vehicle from Phillips. I go back because the service department is excellent.
- John L.

They are all great people and they go above and beyond to help their customers.
- Francisco Z.

My truck was fixed faster than they thought - thank you.
- John S.

Joe Armstrong, Service Consultant, and Dan Kachinsky, Service Director, are always on the ball when I bring my vehicles in for service, or have a problem. They are very helpful guys. Thanks again.
- Roger R.

Service desk area and waiting area were clean and neat. liked the complimentary coffee that was available. Comfortable chairs, good TV, vending machines for snacks. Good service and complimentary car wash.
- Sam C.

I got an appointment the same day of calling. Great! Bought a Traverse at another dealership (mistake) - I go to Phillips for service and it's been great!.
- Josephine A.

Any time I bring my vehicles in, they treat me like a king. Thanks to Christine, Dan, and Brian.
- Arnold H.

Christine Smrstik was fantastic.
- Colleen B.

I was taken in at the appointed time and within half an hour I was on the road again.
- Donald T.

Dan Kachinsky is an exceptional employee for Phillips! He is a pleasure to deal with and very thorough.
- Richard P.

Everyone aimed to please.
- Gerald W.

Always great service. I expect nothing less.
- Robert O.

All of the service reps are very polite and helpful. Really like Tim and Scott.
- Sandra M.

Everyone who needs to be in contact with the customer stays in contact with the customer. We received calls with updates from our service rep as well as courtesy calls from our salesman. We appreciate it. Our car was in the shop for about five days due to an uncommon problem, but we were frequently contacted and kept up to date.
- John B.

This dealership is exceptionally good - personnel are knowledgeable, friendly, and my car was ready faster than expected.
- Lydia K.

I have had many experiences with my vehicle in the Service Department and Dan has always helped me out with the issues and treated me great.
- Jerry J.

Every time I have brought my vehicle in I have received AWESOME customer service.
- Jose D.

My service guy, Scott P., is the best.
- Stanley S.

Christine in service is the best! She is the main reason I continue to buy vehicles as Phillips, as I have trusted her upon first meeting her 16-17 years back when she started at the dealership. The best dealer in my 40 years of buying cars. I enjoy their company and help each and every visit, especially the service department and the help Christine Smrstik provides hour after hour. She really cares about your car and especially you.
- Edward F.

The waiting room is very comfortable and all of the staff are very friendly and helpful.
- Claudine D.

I don't know how you guys do it but your staff is always on top when it comes to helping out and making sure you are OK while you are there. I don't think my service guy Scott P. ever has a bad day. Every time I see him he is smiling even with other customers and staff. When he explains things he doesn't just tell you what you need, but why - he breaks it down so your average Joe can understand. Great job all the way around.
- Sylvester P.

Scott P. kept me informed the whole time my car was in the shop - he could not have been any more accommodating. He was extremely helpful.
- Richard K.

Christine is wonderful in the service department. Thanks for all!
- Elizabeth M.

I have dealt with Scott at this dealership every time I have had service done on my truck. I can't compliment this guy enough. He is very nice and keeps you informed on the status of service being performed. By the way, I am from Mississippi, I work out of state year round, and Scott has been the most friendly personnel I have ever encountered at a dealership.
- Royce B.

Originally, Joe A. worked at a dealership closer to my home where I purchased my car. Joe moved to Phillips. When I discovered his new location, I was overjoyedto reconnect with him. My home is 25 miles away, but I always come to Phillips because Joe A. gives me such excellent service. I can rely with confidence on his advice to give my 2011 Equinox the best care possible.
- Frances W.

We keep coming back for service because of Scott Perak. Always a pleasure to deal with Scott.
- John H.

Most efficient service department that I have had the experience of dealing with.
- George J.

Service director Dan was able to schedule service at my convenience, so I could wait while service was completed. Jeff was able to order parts for repairs in only 1 day, and followed up by phone when the part came in, and made all service appointment arrangements.
- William B.

The service department at Phillips Chevrolet is awesome!
- Marie J.

Great team. Always happy with everyone! Joe is one of the best in service - give him a promotion. I will send and tell anyone looking for service or a vehicle to Phillips.
- Elmer G.

You have an excellent service department. Scott Perak is always very thorough when you bring your vehicle in for service. Scott is as concerned as you are, as the vehicle owner, and makes sure your repair is done promptly and correctly. He is a definite asset to your service department.
- Lawrence B.

Excellent service and people.
- George Z.

Great dealership. Been doing business with them since Oct. 1969.
- Rodney B.

Phillips Chevrolet - the best dealer to buy a vehicle and the best dealer for great service!
- Kenneth W.

Scott Perak, my service rep, is the BEST guy! He is courteous and always accommodates his customers. He keeps you informed about what is going on with your vehicle's service and always has my car washed before I drive away. He goes the extra mile! Recommend Phillips' service department highly.
- Phyllis S.

Phillips is an excellent place to do business. The employees are all knowledgeable, professional, and friendly.
- Bruce S.

I really like the service there. I purchased my car there, my daughters purchased two new cars also. No one else works on my car, no one else will. I'm glad I found you guys.
- Francine K.

I had a wonderful experience having my vehicle serviced at Phillips Chevrolet. I was met immediately by the service advisor, Joe Armstrong, who was very knowledgeable about all areas of the service department and offered many suggestions on future services that I had inquired about. The way Mr. Armstrong represented the dealership upon my arrival by his professionalism and courtesy gave me confidence that the service department was able to meet any of my expectations on that day and upon any future service my vehicle will require. Mr. Armstrong kept me well informed on the progress of my service throughout my visit. With skilled an competent individuals such as Joe Armstrong at Phillips Chevrolet, I would recommend the service department to everyone and of course bring my vehicle there for any service it requires including oil changes
- Ronald G.

Excellent service department employees continue to bring me back to this dealership. Thank you.
- Linda M.

I believe my consultant was Tim Christ. He was very helpful. I really appreciated his ability to answer all of my questions thoroughly. Thanks!
- Brian W.

I really appreciate the staff. They are professional, knowledgeable, and take the time to hear your concerns and respond in an appropriate manner.
- Eleanor M.

Just want to say thank you to Dan K., Scott P., Joe A., Tim, Christine, and the rest of the service department. Keep up the great job you all are doing. The customer is #1 at Phillips Chevrolet. Thanks guys - see you soon!
- John C.

I have always been happy and completely satisfied with the services, service consultants, and advisors at Phillips. Christine Smrstik and Dan Kachinsky generally help me, but others have also been helpful, pleasant, friendly, and make one confident in their expertise.
- Iolene H.

I was surprised at how professional everyone was considering at other dealerships they are not as professional as you may expect. Most of the time the other dealerships want to sell you things that you might not even need, but I have not experienced that at Phillips Chevrolet. I am very satisfied with the service I received at Phillips Chevrolet.
- Edward M.

My service manager was great! He kept me well informed.
- Richard K.

Excellent and professional staff. I was amazed at how spotless my car was when I received it, just like new! A+ service.
- Julie M.

One of the reasons why I continue to buy from Phillips is their outstanding service department.
- Evelyn B.

Scott Perak, service advisor, is one of the best I have ever dealt with, and Dan Kachinsky, the service director, is the all time best.
- Richard A.

I was very impressed with the professionalism of Rami Alamawi (Sales) and Henry Rhodes (Service Dept.).
- Richard J.

It's always been a positive experience when bringing my vehicle in for service. Scott Perak is a definite asset to your service department.
- Lawrence B.

Service Manager Dan and Service Rep Scott Perak are top notch. Phillips is lucky to have them as employees!
- Dennis G.

Exceeded my expectations with their communications, service, and ability to meet my timelines! I can't say enough how pleased I am with this dealership and their attention to their customers!
- Kevin H.

Henry Rhodes is the best service consultant ever.
- Frank S.

Service department operates in a professional and courteous way, completely satisfied with dealership.
- Billy B.

Christine from the service department did a great job.
- David S.

I have bought two cars from Phillips Chevrolet and I will not even consider going any place else. The people are good and thoughtful and listen to what you have to say. In the service department, Mr. Rhodes takes time to answer my questions. Thank you so much for this chance to let them know how much I appreciate their kindness.
- Paula R.

I have recommended Phillips to my friends that were looking for cars.
- Michael F.

Keep up the good work. Great service!
- David L.

I am now and will stay a true Phillips customer. Thank you all.
- Katy W.

Great service... as always. Tim Christ is fantastic!
- Kathleen L.

This is the most professionally run dealership I have ever experienced. The entire dealership is spotless at all times. Everyone you encounter is always friendly. They are truly customer orientated.
- Roger M.

You guys are the BEST, that's why I have never thought about going anywhere else. Best service for my over 13 years with you.
- Bonnie W.

Phillips Chevy has a fantastic service department and they fixed my recall that I had completely forgotten about when I got my oil changed.
- Nicole P.

Thanks guys for ll your hard work. You're the reason we have bought 5 cars at Phillips in Frankfort, IL.
- Diane C.

They are always top notch.
- Louis M.

Phillips Chevrolet has been servicing my family for numerous years. I am completely happy with all of the transactions I have had with them. I will continue to purchase automobiles from Phillips Chevrolet and refer my friends and family to them.
- Don A.

Great people and great service.
- Nancy S.

Scott Perak deserves the "Employee of the Year" Award. Very professional, knows his job, represents Phillips Chevrolet well.
- Dean B.

Very impressed with service department. Clean, courteous, and helpful agents, and prompt and complete service. General manager very friendly and has a sincere interest in customer's overall satisfaction.
- Henry C.

Always great service!
- Daniel S.

The service manager, Dan Kachinsky, is a true professional.
- James K.

Tom the service manager goes out of his way to make sure things are handled correctly.
- Michael O.

Very nice and knowledgeable staff, neat and clean shop, great place to deal with. I love my Equinox and would buy another from the same dealer!
- Patrick G.

As always, Dan K. runs a great repair shop. He always greets me and takes care of my needs. Thanks.
- Carrie O.

Scott Perak must be commended - he is one of the best, if not the best, service consultant we have ever had to deal with.
- John H.

Scott - I would recommend him as a 5 star service guy. great with customers. He has always gone beyond the call of duty.
- Jerold D.

We love Phillips Chevrolet and we love working with Scott. I came in with no appointment, and Scott took great care of us. Would highly recommend Phillips Chevy due to the service we get from Scott and all the employees. Thank you!
- Susan D.

The service department rep was excellent, and I appreciated everything about the process.
- Dennis R.

This is the the third car we have purchased here, always treated like a friend from the sales to the service department.
- Stanley W.

I think they are the best.
- Ronald S.

Top notch service! Thank you, Phillips Chevrolet.
- Anthony B.

The service and professionalism is second to none at this facility. Motivates me to continue purchasing GM products.
- Samuel R.

Another outstanding job by Phillips service crew! Sue & Tim went out of their way to make sure everything was done correctly and completely with my car. Car was cleaned and looked like it just rolled off the show room floor. A+ Thank you!
- Donald L.

Very very good service from the time I walked in to the time I picked up my truck. I will always buy my trucks or cars from Phillips Chevrolet. Good service from the salesman Howard, to Scott in the service department.
- Sharon W.

Scott Perak is the BEST! The other service people are fantastic, too!
- Mark K.

Great service! Scott and Joe are always very helpful and go above and beyond to make customers happy!
- Jacob M.

My service advisor Tim Christ is always great with me and very helpful. He always explains to me what is wrong with my car and helps me understand. I will buy another car from Phillips Chevy.
- Kathy R.

Very professional. Mike Maheras runs a tight ship.
- Jerry W.

I was very satisfied with the service I received on my 2012 Camaro. Both Christine Smrstik and service manager Dan did a great job on keeping me up on the process of fixing my transmission on the car. Very positive experience.
- Donald O.

Everyone was very helpful with any questions that I had. The service department also was very courteous and friendly. I would recommend Phillips Chevrolet to everyone I know. Thank you again for everything!
- Linda M.

Their service people are outstanding.
- Thomas C.

Keep up the good work.
- Edward D.

Henry (service manager) was very professional, attentive, and friendly. All my concerns were answered. Also, thanks for the free coffee.
- Gail B.

All service and staff are excellent in serving customers.
- Dominick P.

This is the best service department I have ever dealt with. Thank you.
- Leroy A.

Great people in the service department!!!
- John M.

Always a pleasure dealing with the people in the service department.
- Guy G.

Scott from the service department was very very helpful and polite. He made follow up calls to me to check that I was satisfied or if I needed anything. I was completely satisfied with the overall service from the department.
- Carolyn S.

Very friendly and pleasant to work with. Scott Perak is the service person I use because his customer service is off the chart. Thank you Scott!!!
- Nicholas J.

Phillips Chevy has provided great service over the years.
- Robert B.

The mechanic that worked on my car called me personally to update on repair status. Very professional. Will request him on next service.
- Dana A.

Joe Armstrong the service consultant and Dan Kachinsky the service director were very professional during my visit for my Chevy Sonic. There was a recall on my car that they informed me of during my visit, and they said that they would take care of  it right then and there. Very pleased with their customer service and the deals they offer.
- Roger R.

Because of the way that I have been and am always treated, I will always be coming back to Phillips. Thanks.
- Robert H.

The service department is very friendly an listens to your concerns and answers them promptly. I will recommend them to all my friends.
- Scott M.

As always, I am taken care of as if I were a close friend.
- Carolyn L.

I cannot say enough about the excellent service provided by Scott Perak. He is always helpful and has an "I'll do whatever it takes" attitude to ensure our customer satisfaction. He is the reason that we do, and will continue, to use Phillips for our automobile service needs.
- Paul F.

Phillips Chevy always goes above and beyond expectations. I am very satisfied with the level of service I receive. Thank you for another great job!!
- Henry R.

This is my third Chevy from Phillips Chevy and I have always been very satisfied with the service I receive from them.
- Donald R.

My service advisor Scott was phenomenal and kept me advised of the progress of my vehicle while it was in the shop.
- Lanice B.

My service consultant Christine Smrstik was courteous, efficient, and knowledgeable.
- Marion S.

A good experience. Happy to see you stand behind your product.
- Thomas S.

Would definitely recommend Phillips Chevy to others. I was treated very well and they even washed my car for me when I came to pick it up. Very fast service and my car was done on time as promised in only four hours!
- Julie W.

Dan Kachinsky went above and beyond to make sure it was fixed to my satisfaction.
- Raymond S.

Scott Perak is one of the reasons I keep coming back to Phillips for my service needs. Scott is a true professional and always exceeds my expectations.
- Christopher B.

Great service department. Very clean and well run. Seem to be Volt experts as well. Also offered loaner car while my Volt was being serviced.
- Ronald F.

I went to Phillips Chevrolet because I have always had a wonderful experience with the mechanics. The mechanics are top notch. Other people who deserve recognition for my purchase are sales consultant Jaime Birks who was professional and knowledgeable. Mike Maheras was helpful throughout the entire purchase process along with finance guru Mike Darge, who made the finance portion of buying a car less painful. I would also like to mention Mark Grasseschi who recommended the purchase of my new car along with my son and daughter's new cars at Phillips Chevrolet.
- Roy G.

I just wanted to mention my experience with Phillips Chevrolet. I was very nervous purchasing an expensive, high performance Camaro. After a month, I had a problem with my engine that almost gave me a heart attack. my brand new car. The problem was resolved with the highest importance and I want to give special thanks to Dan Kachinsky. Before I knew it I was driving a loaner car from Phillips and my car maintenance problem was resolved efficiently, and I was completely taken care of more than I expected. Because of Phillps Chevrolet and Dan Kachinsky I will continue to be a loyal Phillips customer.
-Mark L.

Great dealership, very satisfied with repairs on vehicle, communication was excellent, very friendly and courteous staff.
-Jeffrey P.

Overall great service. My service technician was very friendly and knowledgeable.
-Jacob D.

Best car dealer service experience I have ever Had! Everyone was awesome and every issue with my car was attended to. Synthetic oil change very reasonably price. Thanks!
-Rebecca A.

I have nothing but great things to say about Phillips Chevy and their sales and service team. I have purchased 3 vehicles there already and recommended 2 friends who have also purchased their cars from Phillips. Special thanks to Dan Kachinsky for his help on my last service visit!
-Timothy R.

Keep up the good work. Thanks again.
-William P.

Have been doing business at Phillips Chevrolet for 35 years - never had the first problem. I refer whenever possible.
-Jerome T.

Scott P went above and beyond to make sure the service was perfect..
-Christopher J.

A nice place to do business with. I can see why they are the #1 selling Chevy dealership.
-Jerome T.

Very dependable, on top of its care of their customer's needs and concerns.
-Barbara C.

Service consultant Dan Santangelo provided excellent service and kept me apprised on the status of my vehicle repair.
-Dawn S.

Phillips Chevrolet is a great place to either buy or service a vehicle.
 -Guy G.

Very happy with this dealership, have already sent others there. They were a pleasure to deal with.
 -Laury J...

Yet another great job by Tim Christ and Sue in rental. Couldn't be happier. Phillips is the best dealer in Illinois hands down. Keep up the good work! Thank you!
-Donald L.

I called at 8:00 pm and they got me in at 9:00 am the next morning
-William V.

Very good dealership for years.
 -John B.

Phillips have the best service I've ever had. UI thank them for their great service!
 -Sara R..

Scott is the best guy. He always stands on his head to please us. And he is just outstanding with customers. He works in the service department. I keep coming back because of Scott mostly. Although my car is always in tip top shape, so the mechanics are all so good but we never meet them.
 -Charlene K.

I have always been completely satisfied with Phillips' sales and service.
 -Gerald L.

Great place to do business.
 -Dennis C.

Always very courteous and thorough.
 -Delores S..

Excellent customer service from the time I got there to the completion of the work.
 -Carol S.

Great service and dealership.
 -Todd G.

My husband and I have car shopped with Phillips Chevrolet for over 17 years, as long as we have lived in this area. The people at Phillips could not be more courteous or friendly and respectful of us and our desire to find a vehicle that we want and a get a fair price for that vehicle. Their service department is another big reason why we keep coming back as well. Gold star to those people too! We especially LOVE Dan Bachert in sales and Scott in the service department!!! Thank you! And I love my new car!!
 -Nancy K.

This is a great dealership all around, sales and service. I have bought 4 new cars there.
 -Arnold H.

Great service. Great people!
 -John M.

Thanks to Scott Perak, service consultant for Phillips Chevrolet. Always does a great job for my family.
 -Tom D.

Phillips Chevy did a great job, and called to ask if they could keep my truck one more day to test for water leaks. I told them that would be OK and they drove 25 miles to drop off my truck and pick up the loaner - very good customer relations!
 -Harley R.

They are a great dealership!
 -Allen S.

We were very satisfied with our service adviser, Joe Armstrong. He is always very pleasant when we go in there and if you have any problem, he makes sure it is taken care of and that we are happy.
 -Ralph G.

The service adviser was very good.
 -Roger B.

I am very satisfied with the service and people at Phillips Chevrolet. I have recommended Phillips to friends and family. Thank you.
 -Benita F.

Excellent service in every way! I know that I made the right choice in bringing my van to Phillips Chevrolet and I am grateful to them.
 -Christopher B.

It was nice to have an appointment time and have my car fixed at that time, an not have to wait hours for a mechanic to become available to do the work. Was told it would take 45 minutes to an hour. Imagine my surprise when it was done in under 30 minutes.
 -Allen R.

Dealership and service personnel were outstanding as usual! My service adviser, Scott - always a pleasure to work with, very helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous.
 -Gene M.

The best new car dealer I ever dealt with.
 -Bruce M.

Everyone I have dealt with has been very friendly and as helpful as possible. I have recommended Phillips Chevrolet to several of my friends and family.
 -Nancy L.

I will buy again at this dealership.
 -Alfred R.

Thank you for taking the extra time and effort in repairing my 2012 Sonic.
 -Zoran N.

I brought the car in for service and I always get excellent service.
 -Linda O.

Scott in service writing was always on top of things and I would truly recommend anyone to see him for service issues.
 -Jed J.

Scott Perak did a great job! He was very professional and helpful.
 -Dean B.

Very satisfied, service personnel extremely friendly and helpful.
 -Therese B.

Service department has done a fantastic job of making sure all of my concerns were addresseed and provided transportation to local sites during the service time frame.
 -Ronald F.

Phillips Chevrolet always does a good and is always courteous to me. I couldn't ask for better service. Thanks!!!
 -Phillips L.

The service at Phillips was super. Dan the manager was really great. The people at Phillips Chevrolet are really nice.
 -Al K.

My service consultant was just great, she kept me well informed on every thing going on with my car. (Christine Smrstik)
 -Linda B.

Our service consultant, Scott Perak, is outstanding. He anticipates our every need when we bring our vehicle in for service. We never have to wait for transportation and our vehicle is always ready when promised.
  -Wallace M Widelski

Dan and the Entire service team were wonderful. They called me to advise the status of my service appointment, drove me to work and picked me up- ordered the parts for the next repair and everything was ready in a very timely manner. This is the second car I purchased from Phillips Chevrolet and the service department is always fantastic. I have recommended Phillips to many friends and family and will continue to do so.
 -Teresa E Keiran

We arevery happy with Phillips Staff, they are always pleasant Scott P. and Dan K. took care of us. I eant to thank them again.
 -Raymond A Wallace

Chris was an awesome as my service rep. she was on top of everything that had to be done to my Aveo. Even offered the wash which some other dealerships overlook or pass by, I would recommend her to anyone looking for complete, accurate service to their vehicles.
 -Joseph M Dusik

My service person, Christine, was most helpful with this car and my nieces Chevy Cruze.
 -Valeria Y Davis

 We love the service that we get a Phillips Chevrolet. All of the staff are great there. Scott Perak is our main service consultant, and goes out of his way to make sure we are happy with the service we get. I highly recommend going to Phillips to buy or have any work done on your car. Great work Phillips Chevrolet, and thanks Scott for being there for us.
 -Susan Dukes

I have all my service done on both my cars at Phillips Chevrolet because of Dan Kachinsky. He always goes the extra mile to make sure you are totally satisfied. He is a great asset to Phillips Chevrolet. I am happy to see he is the service director now.
 -Michael P.

The service consultant Tim Christ did a good job keeping me informed about my car. The service Manager Tome Wentz also kept me informed and seemed very interested in making sure the job was done correctly. There was a defective part on the car and I really want to thank the mechanic that serviced my car as the problem was difficult to find. He really worked hard I believe to solve the problem. So please someone thank the mechanic.
 -Carmel K.

Great service, great employees. That is why we keep retuning to Phillips Chevrolet
 -Susan H.

Good place to do business.
 -Peter R.

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