As of January 2023, there have been 2,254 Chevrolet Trailblazers on the ground at dealerships throughout the nation. Many are wondering why they can never find any, and that’s due to their supply time. They’ve become the second fastest turning nameplate within the brand following behind the Chevy Corvette. What does this mean? Once the vehicle physically hits the dealer’s lot, it takes approximately 11 days before it’s sold. This could be due in part to it’s “recommended” rating from Consumer Reports in late 2022 or because it’s an affordable SUV for the masses. At Phillips Chevrolet we want to give everyone an opportunity to buy their dream vehicle, even if it hasn’t reached our lot yet. To claim your Trailblazer before it even arrives, you can visit our inbound list! From there we can take a deposit and reserve the vehicle so it’s guaranteed to be yours when it arrives. Phillips Chevrolet of Frankfort, Lansing and Bradley has Illinois’ Largest Chevy Inventory, including a great selection of current-gen Trailblazers.

32 Chevrolet Trailblazers currently available at Phillips Chevrolet

2023 Chevrolet Trailblazer LT SUV - #30527

Internet Price: $26,305

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