A new Chevy Camaro has performance features worthy of its legendary name.

As Much Muscle As You Want

A 2.0 liter 275 horsepower engine is standard on LS and LT Camaros. Ordering an available 6.2L Supercharged V8 that puts out 650HP will make your Camaro the ultimate muscle machine.

Performance Enhancing Exhaust

When you step on the gas, the available Dual Mode Exhaust works with the engine to maximize power output. At idle speeds, the sound of the Dual Mode Exhaust reflects the strength of the Camaro's powerplant without excessive noise.

Highspeed Control

Horsepower is meaningless if your suspension doesn't offer optimum control. Magnetic Ride Control™ comes standard on some Camaro models and is available on others. As road conditions around Frankfort, Lansing, & Bradley change, Magnetic Ride Control™ self-adjusts for better handling. As a component of Chevy's Performance Traction Management system, Magnetic Ride Control™ assists in improving steering responsiveness at high speeds.

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