The Chevrolet Colorado Makes Navigation Easy

Here at Phillips Chevrolet, we want to make sure you stay on the road throughout the year and enjoy driving without losing your way. The Chevrolet Colorado is one of the leading mid-sized truck options that can be enjoyed by all those who want a vehicle that can work hard and stay connected.

If you are looking for a truck that has the highest levels of connectivity and technology, the Chevrolet Colorado is for you. The Chevrolet navigation service is one of the most up-to-date on the market with updates including road closures, detours, and accidents that can keep you on the road around Frankfort, Lansing, and Bourbonnais and your travels.

Navigation systems can often be difficult when the driver has to manually input their destination but the voice-activated options available from Chevrolet mean the dangers of driving need never be present. This is just one of the ways the Chevrolet Colorado will make you more connected when you choose this truck for your needs.


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