How the Chevrolet Spark's Automatic Braking Keeps You Safer on the Road

When you have to drive in a lot of traffic, you may worry that you may not be able to react in time if there is an imminent collision. Fortunately, the Chevrolet Spark has the option of automatic braking available at Phillips Chevrolet that helps keep you safer on the road.

With automatic braking, the sensors have the ability to detect when there is the possibility of a front-end collision when you are driving at 37 mph or slower. When the possibility of a collision is detected, the system then either activates or enhances the hard emergency braking system. This activation or enhancement helps reduce the damage sustained during a collision or helps you avoid the collision altogether.

With automatic braking on your Chevrolet Spark, you have a safety buffer that helps ensure that you slow down when necessary. This buffer can help decrease your chances of being involved in a collision.



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