Tips for Learning How to Drive Safely in the Rain

The Chevrolet service team at Phillips Auto Group Chevrolet would like to inform drivers how to safely navigate the roads in the rain so everyone is safer. Be sure that you turn on your headlights as soon as you turn on your windshield wipers in the rain. This is now a law in many states, something that is good practice for allowing other drivers to see your vehicle more easily in the rain.

To avoid hydroplaning, slow down once it starts raining. Add at least two more seconds lead time between you and the other cars when the roads are slick. This will give everyone enough time to react. Turn off the cruise control when the roads are wet because it is more likely you'll lose control as the car tires continue to speed up to the desired speed.

Bring your vehicle to our maintenance facility near you and we can provide a full inspection to ensure there are no existing issues that could reduce your safety on the road.

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